Sletton Construction | Missoula, Montana

Safe Access & Shielding

Rehabilitation of the Higgins Avenue Bridge was necessary to extend the life of the bridge. The structure had distress and deterioration issues on both top and bottom concrete decks.

Safespan was able to provide full access to the work area while completely shielding the under area of the structure to protect the Clark Ford River from demolition, debris, and other hazardous material.

Improvements made during the rehabilitation of the structure included; replacing / widening the concrete decks, steel structures, and coating the entire steel portion of the bridge with new protective paint.
Our patented platform system spanned a total of 31,595 sq. ft. before widening to
36,935 sq. ft. The components were custom designed by our in-house structural engineering staff to meet the project requirements.

The Higgins Avenue Bridge is now accommodating and safe for vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle use.

“With these good bones and careful rehabilitation of the structure, the bridge will serve the Missoula community for years to come.”Montana’s Official State Website